10 Ideas for Wedding Photography

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A white wedding dress and black groom’s suite make an eye-catching combination, and antique staircases add to the beauty. Your photo will be absolutely stunning due to the symmetry of their patterns.

Rings are timeless symbols of true love, representing eternity. As symbols, rings carry the power to inspire hope and faith in those whom we cherish most.

Make a heart with your hands and place the wedding rings on it to symbolize your love for each other and the significance of this momentous occasion.

Photo of Generations

This wedding photography idea will make your family photos with parents more artistic. Don’t pose; keep it natural and personal.

Take a photo with your dad today.

This is a touching idea for wedding photoshoot, as every father wants the best for his daughter. Request your photographer to capture these genuine emotions in photos.

Stay Crazy

Instead of taking only formal wedding photos, add in some funny faces for your guests. Make the photo even funnier if you have children in attendance!

Body Swapping

Mirrors can be used for taking humorous photos. With one, you can even swap your bodies – the groom’s body will have the female head, and vice versa.


For the ultimate celebration, gather your closest friends around and share what you’re feeling as you raise your champagne glass with them. Make sure the photographer captures both the moment and your emotions in this precious photo.

Your closest friends are there for you through it all, and may even introduce you to your future husband. Keep it casual but add a splash of flair with confetti and other props.

Jumping on the Bed

This shot doesn’t need a photographer; all you have to do is set your camera’s timer and act like a child by jumping on it!

Photograph Children

Include your children in your wedding photos to add some life and spice up the formal or boring images. Have the photographer take several portraits of both you and your husband together as a couple, including some with just your baby in tow!

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