10 Tips for DIY Wedding Cake Inspiration

10 Ideas for DIY Wedding Cake Inspiration

Congratulations to anyone considering making their own wedding cake – congratulations! To do it justice, you need a special talent and passion for baking delicious treats for loved ones. DIY wedding cakes offer couples an opportunity to personalize the day while adding an extra special touch. So who are you waiting for? Get baking today and create something truly delicious.

Even if your KitchenAid mixer is your best friend, baking for a DIY wedding cake requires more than just the skillset. Before embarking on this endeavor, do your research and consider if DIYing it is even possible for you. And for inspiration, take a look at Zola’s real wedding cakes that were easy to make but looked beautiful too!

10 Tips to Craft the Ideal Wedding Cake

Consider what drives you when creating your cake design. Make it personal and reflect what matters most to you.

Are you passionate about baking and want to make your own wedding cakes? Do it! But don’t think that DIYing the cake will save money; add up all the bulk ingredients, decorations, display tools as well as time that it takes – because time truly is money during the build-up to your big day.

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Now is not the time for a complex dessert with passion fruit gelee. Stick with recipes you know taste good and don’t get intimidated by traditional multi-tiered white-on-white designs if you can cut and serve them easily; guests are sure to be impressed!


Trial runs are essential when it comes to wedding DIY. Don’t wait until the last minute to learn from mistakes; practicing ahead of time helps ensure everything runs smoothly on your special day. With enough time and money, experiment with baking recipes and decorations months in advance. Even if you decide against it, hiring a professional baker is still an option if needed.

Prepare (Like, Really).

Conduct research. Be aware of how long each step should take and which tools are essential. In order to have a smooth cake-making process during your wedding week, create an organized timeline in advance. Gather all necessary supplies and keep them organized; additionally, be ready for any mistakes or redos; avoid leaving these tasks until the last minute.

Use Your Freezer

To avoid overfloowing flour several days before the big day, and to enhance both the process and quality of the finished product, prepare a portion of the cake in advance and freeze it. It freezes well and can be defrosted quickly. Also, slightly frozen cakes are easier to work on with less crumbs in final icing. Cover layers with plastic wrap then wrap in tin foil before freezing for up to one month in your freezer.

Accept Imperfection

This tip applies to any DIY wedding project: when taking on tasks usually left to professionals, be prepared to accept less-than-stylish results. The beauty and charm of handmade goods lies in their imperfections – don’t spend all night cringing over a left-leaning cake or trying to recreate that Pinterest tutorial for fondant ribbon! Instead, find another project you can tackle by hand that requires less skill or precision.

Keep It Simple

No need to make your wedding cakes complicated. There’s no need for an intricate tiered design or sugar paste artistry – just make something basic enough that looks beautiful. Add fresh flowers and creative presentation for extra wow factor.

  • You may also choose to eat (a little) before your workout.
  • Begin by crafting an exquisite work of cake art and proudly display it.
  • Step 2. Your guests will exclaim “Wow!” and give you a standing ovation!

Step 3. Have your caterers slice and serve a store-bought cake as part of the reception. Even though this won’t be what most guests eat, you have still made your own wedding cake!


Crafting a stunning centerpiece at home is one thing, but transporting that sugar-tower to your wedding venue in one piece requires extra planning and money. If your venue has a refrigerator you can leave your cake in, ask if someone from your family or friend can help out with transport on the big day!

Get inspired by decoration

Remind yourself: fresh flowers can make any cake look spectacular. To take your homemade masterpiece to the next level, garnish it with sturdy flower heads such as roses, dahlias, ranunculus and sunflowers and top off with either a sign or topper for extra visual impact.

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