How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Bridal Musings believes in loving your skin. We have compiled a guide to help you choose the perfect dress to show off your body.

There are many dresses that will flatter your body, whether you want to show off your shoulders or hug your curves. Even if you don’t find the perfect wedding gown, there are many designers like Val Stefani that can modify your design and fabric to make it your own.

Remember, you don’t have to pick one feature. You can combine these tips to create the perfect body-loving wedding dress.

Show off Your Shoulders

Perhaps you have that sunkissed glow or are a lat puller, but now is the best time to show off your shoulders.

This A-line wedding gown has short sleeves that are off the shoulder. The sleeves also draw your eyes up to your collarbone and shoulder.

Many gowns today have showy shoulders due to the revival of bohemian, hippy bridal style. You can pair your gown with loose waves or make it stand out by braiding or tying them to your neck bone.

Be kind to your lower back

Do the three-sixty twirl and give your guests reason to swoon with a low-back, sexy gown.

Low back gowns can be worn with almost any style, shape, and fit. To show you how chic and sexy a low-back gown can be, we’ve chosen a fitted dress. You can bare your back in any style. A flowing, A-line or loose silk skirt will work.

Expert tip: If you lower your back and lengthen your train (as shown here), you can create a longer illusion of length.

Highlight Your Waist

Bridal separates time!

Are you proud of your waist? You’re lucky to have a wide range of options for skirt and top pairings with your bridal separates.

Crop tops come in a variety of styles and coverage levels, including little silk camis to full-length sleeves. This lace bateau top has a bandeau with a high neck and lace collar. It still shows off the bare midsection.

You are free to play with skirts, whether you’re looking for a fitted or layered skirt made of tulle ballerina, there are endless options!

Accentuate your Girls

If you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em. Even if you don’t have ’em, flaunt them! The point is that if you are proud of your chest, don’t be afraid showing off your girls.

These illusion panels with embellishments are very popular. They allow brides to choose between revealing sheer tops or more revealing panel with suggestive embellishment.

For a romantic look, choose a sheer top with beading such as this scoop neck bridal top. Or, go for an embellished number in lace for a more luxurious feel.

Please wear the bra that makes your feel most comfortable. You don’t need to wear undergarments with many illusion dresses. However, you can show off any beautiful bridal lingerie that you have chosen just for the dress.

Show off Your Curves

Claire Eliza’s curvy club welcomes you, ladies! No matter my age, weight, or athletic ability, I have always had curves. Those big butts and small waists aren’t going anywhere. They were always joked about by boys in school. But they aren’t getting any of it.

A sheath dress is the best way to show off my curves. It’s not as fitted and tight as a column gown, but it’s still a great choice! Sheaths catch your larger waste and pull in at it. These gowns are easy to move around in, even though they can relax at the legs.

Look Nine Miles Long

Regardless of whether you are a WNBA superstar or a petite girl, if you want nine miles in length, then go for it! What else is there to do but walk around in luxury with a train following us?

A ball gown with a high waist creates the illusion that your legs are reaching higher than the ground. Don’t forget to wear your cute heels!

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