The Best Venues on Offer For Your Wedding in Leicestershire

Many people aspire to have the most memorable day of their lives during their wedding. The location and venue are two crucial components in this quest, so here’s our pick of the best venues for your perfect Leicestershire wedding.

Mythe Barn

Mythe barn venue is a picturesque place with a rustic setting with a combination of modern design that offers a degree of uniqueness to this venue. Mythe barn venues offer a wide range of services for its clients. They include wedding planning support; VIP/Premier packages; flexibility if you prefer private rooms; the best staff service, a dedicated wedding coordinator who will help you plan every detail of your day, catering consultation, and event planning consultation. Its prime location provides easy accessibility and convenience during your wedding preparations and the big day. It has been designed to provide a balance between functionality and aesthetics, so you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of styles that adorn its four main rooms. It prepares your guests in style with each of its rooms, including an intimate bar area perfect for an after-dinner session.

Shearsby Bath

Constructed in a unique style and design, this Shearsby bath venue is sophisticated with a touch of class. It has two private areas, relaxing spa facilities, and professional staff that will take your breath away. This venue offers a wide range of services to all its clients who prefer to hold their big day here. Its services include coordination of the arrangements, assistance with menu choices; support in decoration planning; menu consultation, and flexible payment options. The venue has distinctive rooms that people can choose from for their wedding or other occasions requiring privacy and elegance.

Brooksby Hall

This venue offers ample space and an event area ideal for your wedding. It also has a choice of rooms with distinctive backgrounds and décor. The Brooksby hall wedding venue is one of the best places to get married in Leicestershire. It has been designed with sophistication and elegance, providing you with the comfort you deserve for your big day. Its modern design makes it stand out from other venues in Leicestershire, thus making it ideal for your special day.

Twycross Zoo

If you have always wanted a wedding at the zoo, this is your chance because the Twycross zoo venue provides such services. The unique location of the venue and its modern design will enable you to hold an event here, be it a wedding or any other kind of event. Its professional staff and ample space will make your special day perfect and memorable. It has three areas that its guests can access for parties, depending on the size of your guest list. There is also a private bar where guests who want to party can go for some drinks after dinner.

Catering Options

Whilst many venues offer their own catering choices, it can be worth shopping around. Venues that offer their own catering services may be able to offer a cheaper deal and a package with the venue. It is possible for some wedding venues in Leicestershire to also recommend caterers. Something that wedding planners often forget to check is the facilities venues have for caterers, some caterers may have to bring their own mobile oven, whereas some venues may already have the facilities for the caterer, although in some instances they may charge a 3rd party catering company to use them.

Catering via the venues may be a good option for most but sometimes the food choices are limited. If you and your partner are happy with a set sit-down style menu then you might want to opt for in house caterers, however there are other options available.

Some may wish to have a cheaper budget option such as hog roast catering or opt for something as simple as fish and chips, whereas those wanting something more specific like a carvery or something more exotic may wish to seek out more specialist caterers. Consider these options when approaching the venue.

Recommended Wedding Venues in Leicestershire

These are some of the most highly recommended venues in Leicestershire for you to hold your wedding. You can enjoy the services and amenities each venue offers for your special day or choose any of them that fits your event needs well. Seeing excellent wedding venues in Leicestershire that people can utilize for their big day is fantastic.

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