Ask your guests to sign your guestbook or other guest book keepsakes so you can remember who shared your “Best Day Ever” celebration with you.

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These creative ideas for guest books will make your guest book something you’ll be able to treasure for many years. After your wedding, the fun doesn’t end there. After your honeymoon, you can look through the photos of your photographer, choose which keepsakes you wish to keep, and then read the thoughtful comments in your guest book. It’s easy to find guest books! Visit Invitations by Wedgewood Weddings to find the perfect guest book for you!

Your personalization of your guest book will show off your unique personality and individuality. Keep your memories safe with stones that contain love, advice, and sweet messages from guests. You can enhance your guestbook table with photos! Photos and other family items can be added to your guest book table. Let your guests leave their messages in vintage suitcases and birdcages.


Classics are a popular choice for a reason. You can place a large book at the bar, and invite your guests to write their names.

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Sign the pages of a vintage atlas with your guests. They can highlight the places they have visited or the destinations they would like to explore. This is a great idea for grooms and brides who have a love of vintage books or a case of wanderlust.


Beautiful forever-decor to decorate your garden or as a conversation piece. Invite your guests to personalize the stones by purchasing smooth river stones. We have seen beautiful designs created by guests over coffee or cake. Or simple expressions of luck that have a greater meaning because of the person who wrote them.

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Invite your guests to DIY a guest book. Use the Polaroid to take some funny pictures and attach it to a scrapbook using one of the many types of washi tape. You can give them plenty of space to tell stories or ask them questions at the top.


These wooden hearts can be signed and dropped into the bright blue shadowbox (below), to be displayed behind a thin glass pane. Both the frames and wooden tokens come in many shapes. You can either find one that represents you two, or make one to suit your wedding theme.

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You’ll want to keep your wedding memories alive and start new traditions for your first major holiday together. Glass ball ornaments can be purchased in the colors you choose for holiday decorations. You can give your guests Sharpies and paint markers so they can sign or draw one. We are confident that at least one guest will create a permanent home on your tree by drawing or signing their masterpieces.

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