Ideas for “Donut Wedding Cake”

Cutting the wedding cake is one of the most memorable moments at a wedding. A wedding cake is a great way to spend time with loved ones and your new spouse. If a traditional wedding cake is not your thing, there are many options such as a Donut Wedding Cake.

Classic and fun traditions like eating the cake in each other’s faces and saving a bit for your first anniversary are timeless and wonderful! Some people aren’t cake-lovers. A donut wedding cake is a great option if you and your loved one want something lighter than heavy, frosting-covered desserts.

Although they may seem unusual, they are quite cool. Continue reading to find donut-themed wedding cake ideas.

Donut Wedding Cakes

You might be confused if this is your first time hearing about a donut-based wedding cake. Who even considers a donut-based wedding cake? It’s now a very popular trend that is delicious and everyone seems to have gotten it.

If you’re having a brunch, a donut wedding cake will be a great choice! This cake is more in keeping with the theme than a traditional formal cake and allows your guests to enjoy something lighter than a regular wedding cake. This is a great option for couples who are using a whimsical, pop-art theme to their wedding.

Different types of donut wedding cakes

There are many types of doughnut wedding cakes. You can still get a standard cake but they are decorated with donuts. Some are simply large stacks of donuts. There are many options if you want to serve this type of dessert.

A stack of donuts will likely be cheaper than a standard wedding cake. Our ultimate cake cost guide shows that the average price for a wedding cake is $500. A doughnut wedding cake is an excellent option if you want to cut costs.

Donuts and cake

This one is more subtle. It’s just a cake with donuts for a cheeky black and white wedding dress topping! This cake will make your guests laugh!

You don’t have to mix donuts with cake if you aren’t a fan of the idea. Although this wedding cake is small, guests will be happy with a donut side by side. Donuts are a great way to fill your dessert table!

The donuts are more used as decorations than as centerpieces. This cake is beautiful and boho, and those who are lucky enough to get a donut as a topping should be happy!


Croquembouche, a European traditional dessert, is a tree of donuts filled with cream. This is the original donut-filled wedding cake. This one is warm brown with some sugary wiring.

This one is similar in color and has similar sugar netting, but it adds spring flair with beautiful pink roses and pearl accessories.

This croquembouche stands tall and is infused with summer vibes, including a few green sprigs. Some cream puffs even have sprinkles!

Also, you can dip them in chocolate! This croquembouche has a bit of frosting on the top to fill your stomach.

Donut Walls

The donut wall is another interesting trend! The guests can approach the wall to pick their donut. These donuts are fruit-themed.

The donut wall is different in that it allows for donut-stacking as with other donut cakes but the donuts are scattered out so people can choose from. This allows multiple people to grab their donuts simultaneously.

A punny take on the word “holy”, will make this wall super cute! The wall is rustic and adorable, and the donuts look delicious.

This one is very cute and plays into the feminine pink hues of your cap sleeve wedding dress donut wall.

Donuts in a Stack

This donut cake is a little bit country-cute. It’s interesting that they stacked them on a tiered cake plate, which can help avoid any melty mess. They also added beautiful flowers to the cake.

These donuts can be stacked in a way that is easy. You can also find some beautiful coral roses.

This stackable doughnut cake features multiple types, including chocolate and one with sprinkles. It will give your guests a variety warm hues and offer a wide range of flavor options.

You can use a limited guest list to host a small wedding. However, you can still make a delicious cake by using large, thick donuts. Although it is only suitable for a small number of people, they will enjoy it.

Frosted Donut Cake

You can make your donuts stand out by frosting them in bright colors for a unique look. This one is reminiscent of a summer camp vibe with the primary pinks and flag decorations. Super cute!

With soft ivory icing, pearl details and a donut cake shape, this donut cake fits right into the non traditional wedding dresses vibes. The little “love” signs are adorable!

This huge donut cake wedding cake is perfect if you are looking for something elegant and classy. The large wreath of flowers and the deep purple color are stunning.

These pastel donuts have a little bit of Alice in Wonderland fun! These donuts are great for spring parties or any other occasion that calls for pastels.

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