What size should my “Wedding Card Box” package be?

Your wedding’s size will determine the size of your box. The standard size of a wedding card box is approximately 14×9.5×5 inches. Cards can be slit to fit through a 6 inch slit. To be safe, set it at 7 inches.

Ideas for Wedding Card Box

You can see a selection of ideas for wedding ring stardew valley boxes to hold money and cards at your wedding. Available in acrylic, wood and Plexiglass.

1. Box for wedding post

This box is beautiful, elegant, and beautifully crafted. It’s perfect for traditional and modern weddings. It is made with plywood and other eco-friendly material. With its intricate details, it is a focal point. It will be very simple for guests to put their cards in. This is a great idea for post-wedding keepsakes.

2. Acrylic wedding card box

Acrylic strikes the perfect balance between elegance and minimalism, traditional and modern, elegant and casual, and is both chic and traditional. This is a great option for brides on a tight budget. You will need vinyl, acrylic, cling and plastic for decoration.

3. Vintage money card holder

Vintage money card holder box for wedding cards. This trunk is an excellent representation of vintage camo wedding dress. Vinyl, cardstock and wood are the best materials because they are vintage-goodies. The front features faux leather straps and swinging latch. It can also be customized with your personal details. It can be used as a card and doubles as a money-wedding keepsake trunk.

4. Plexiglass card holder

Wedding card box ideas plexiglass holder PIN IT The plexiglass box looks great and is versatile. This acrylic and plexiglass combination is ideal for a beach wedding. It is also perfect for serving as a money holder and as a cake stand. It can be used as bedding for your plants and succulents, or as a tank for your goldfish.

5. Wooden wedding card box

Wedding card box ideas wood card boxPIN IT The perfect choice for traditional, boho and rustic weddings is a bustabox. It is made from wood, stain and pain. The lid can also be opened and closed. There are hinges. This box can be used as a keep-sake for photos and treasured items after the wedding.

DIY Wedding Card Box Ideas

1. DIY Wedding Card Basket

Spray paint your bushel basket with the desired color. Measure burlap cloth so that it hangs above the basket’s edge. Then, glue the bottom to the fabric and then attach the outer edge to the basket. To indicate your purpose, attach some cards.

2. Make your own wedding boxes

This DIY wedding card holder is a great option. You can cut pieces from cardstock to make different sizes of boxes. Assemble them according to their sizes. You can make slits in the bottom of smaller cards and glue them together. Cards will fall to the larger bottom this way.

3. Vintage-themed card box

A vintage-inspired wedding boots box is a great way to add old-world charm. Cut slits in small boxes to make them smaller. Spray fabric glue on the fabric to cover the boxes. Stack them together, and add accessories.

4. Box of wedding cards with flowers

Are you looking for DIY ideas for wedding card boxes? The flower box is a great idea. You can glue the different pieces of your box together. Add a gift card space to the lid. Attach a plastic ornamental plant to the box. Add gold dust or stones to the edges.

5. Simple wedding card box tutorial

For the dimensions of the box, cut dowels to the appropriate lengths. Attach the tallest, widest and base frames to a flat surface. Then glue the wood glue. Brad nails clamps are used to secure the frames. Cover the box with plywood, and then make a card hole in the lid.

What should I do with my wedding cards?

Wedding card box ideas with envelope and heartPIN IT Already have a photo album of wedding, engagement, and shower photos. You don’t need to keep those wedding cards around as reminders. They can easily be lost. What do you do? Here are some ideas.

Do a card collage

Use a punch to cut cards into shapes and attach them onto the canvas. Use mod podge to stick the cards in place. This canvas can be hung in a prominent area of your house. It is a constant reminder of the best moments in your life.

Make thank you notes more creative

This is a great way to give each guest a small piece of your cards. Your cards can be cut into shapes or designs and adhered to cardstock. You can decorate it however you like, or you can just fold it in half to use as a thank-you card.

Ornamentalism is a great option

You can think up some cute shapes like hexagons, hearts, crescents, hearts, and circles. You can leave some space at the top for a hole to be drilled. These holes can be used to attach ribbons to your tree or chandelier.

Make a booklet of wedding cards

You can also make them into a scrapbook. We have compiled a variety of creative ideas for wedding card boxes that are both modern and beautiful. If guests don’t want to mail their gifts, they can use them as a place for them to store their gift. These unique wedding card boxes are very affordable. You can also DIY the other ones and make them into another item after the twilight wedding song. Have a blast with all the ideas you have for the wedding card boxes in this post.

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