Here’s a short guide to unique “Wedding Venues in CT”

Many consider Connecticut to be New England’s most beautiful and stunning state. Connecticut is one of the original thirteen colonies and has many beautiful locations for your wedding. Connecticut has a variety of venues that you can choose from, including a vineyard or winery, rustic barn, mansion, castle, luxury banquet halls, waterfront weddings, and outdoor weddings. It can be overwhelming to choose the right venue for your wedding. We have compiled a list of our top picks for unique Wedding Venues in CT to help you plan your wedding ceremony and reception. Let’s first look at the ten best tips to help you find the right CT venue for your wedding.

Here are 10 Tips to Help You Choose a Wedding Venues in CT

Your Connecticut wedding boots may be a significant milestone in your life, whether it is a large or intimate affair. This is a unique experience that engaged couples in Connecticut often spend months planning for.

The choice of your CT wedding venue is one of the most important decisions that you will make. It sets the tone for how the event will be and it also secures the date. These are 10 tips to help you choose the right venue for your Connecticut wedding.

Think about your vision for the big event Wedding Venues in CT

The Wedding Venues in CT space should reflect the couple’s vision. Both practical and traditional! Traditional (and practical!) may be a good option for couples who want to tie the knot indoors. While free-spirited and laid-back couples might prefer more casual spaces like the beach, they may choose to tie the knot outdoors. Small, intimate backyard parties are ideal for homebodies. Bottom line: Be true to yourself as an individual and as a couple.

Consider your guest list

The size of your CT wedding venue will depend on how many guests you have. It’s important to set a number and stick to it before you start looking at potential venues. You can avoid stressing out about having to make a decision between a venue you love or one that is less appealing. You don’t have to make exact measurements, but it will help you choose the right space.

Take a look at the floor plan

Consider whether the venue has enough space to accommodate all aspects of your wedding before you sign the contract. You may need additional tables to hold your gifts, cocktails, and wedding cake. You should also consider whether you need lounge furniture or a photobooth for your guests.

Be realistic about your budget

The most important thing to consider when planning your big day is budget. It’s important to avoid going into debt to cover your wedding bees expenses. Wedding Venues in CT Make sure you choose a venue that is affordable.

Discuss your interactions with the coordinator of the venue

Your wedding planner or you will deal with the venue coordinator often to finalize details of the event. It is important to feel comfortable with them.

Consider the experience of your guests

Your guests should feel at ease and have fun at your Connecticut wedding. Accessibility, parking space availability, bathrooms, curfew and noise restrictions are just a few of the things you should consider.


Be aware of venue restrictions

You may not be allowed to bring your own vendors into certain venues. You may be asked to use the preferred caterer, alcohol, planner, florist, or band by some venues. You may prefer to select your own suppliers. Make sure you choose a venue that allows that.

Determine your ideal wedding date

When choosing a venue, it is important to consider the season in which your big day falls. A summer wedding is best in an outdoor setting, while a romantic and cozy ballroom is ideal for winter weddings.

Get Wedding Venues in CT Organized

It is important to have all of the details about venues that you have visited in one place. A spreadsheet will help you keep track of everything and make it easier to make the final decision.

Take a look at the reviews

You might be able to get feedback from other people about your potential wedding venues. Research can also provide you with useful ideas. You now know how to choose your Connecticut wedding venue. Read on to find out more.

~A rustic-themed or barn wedding is a great place to hold your wedding. It is a more intimate and personal choice than having your wedding at a castle, mansion or vineyard. We have compiled a list with our top rustic venues in CT that have a farmhouse or rustic feel to it.

1. Wrights Mill Farm

Wrights Mill Farm in Canterbury, Connecticut is a charming venue for weddings. It’s situated on 240 acres, which includes beautiful farmland dating back to the 18th century. This venue features rustic backdrop features like the farmhouse, barns and stone walls. There is also an antique water-powered machine.

Wright Mill Farm will allow you to have the intimate twilight wedding that you desire. There are many venues available, including a beautiful waterfall that is perfect for a romantic wedding ceremony. You can also take a horse-drawn carriage ride to the pavilion. Large lodges can accommodate up to 250 guests and have a covered deck as well as a large patio with fire pit. A large, open-air pavilion that can accommodate 180 people can also be used in the event of inclement weather.

2. Salem Herb Farm

The Salem Herb Farm, a charming rustic farmhouse wedding venue, is located in Salem, Connecticut. The farm was established as a chicken coop and hay barn in 1840. Since then, it has been operated by the same family. Anne and Joe, the owners of the homestead, decided to make it a beautiful rustic venue for weddings in CT and restored it.

Their bluestone patio has a beautiful arch that is surrounded by wooden pergolas and a garden. You can have your wedding ceremony outside. You can then have your reception in the dairy barn which can accommodate up to 140 people. The rustic look of the barn’s hardwood floors, large wooden beams, barn tables and chairs can be enjoyed inside. You can also enjoy cocktails hour on the patio and open-air bar. The venue offers both indoor and outdoor spaces that will make your wedding memorable.

3. Wood Acres Farm

Wood Acres Farm, an old fruit- and poultry farm located in Terryville Connecticut is a great choice for those looking for a rural escape. It was transformed by the owners into a charming, rustic venue for weddings. It boasts 25 acres of beautiful wooded trails and gardens as well as sister ponds.

This spacious venue offers multiple outdoor locations for wedding ceremonies. It also has access to a rustic barn that is perfect for receptions in bad weather. You will be able to create a memorable atmosphere with the barn’s large windows and two sets French doors. Wood Acres Farm is able to host intimate weddings for up to 140 people. A bridal cottage is available on the farm with its own porch and garden for you to prepare for your big day.

4. Mount Pleasant Inn

The Inn at Mount Pleasant, a barn wedding venue in Torrington, Connecticut is the perfect choice. This barn captures the spirit of the 18th century and takes you back in time. The charming bed and breakfast can sleep up to 10 people in four rooms. It also offers a continental breakfast and other modern amenities. This venue is ideal for intimate weddings of up to 170 people. This venue can accommodate a larger wedding with up to 350 people. You have three options for ceremony locations at this venue. You will find the grounds surrounded by meadows and wooded areas.

5. Woodbury Farm and Barns

Woodbury Barns & Farms is a luxurious fantasy wedding destination located in Woodbury, Connecticut. Reader’s Digest Magazine recently voted Woodbury “The Most Charming Town in Connecticut”. The barn dates back to the nineteenth-century and was built on the homestead. Six guest rooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, a beautiful living area, dining room, library, gym, spa, gourmet cooking, stone terrace, fire pit, and six guest bedrooms make up the bed and breakfast. The barn measures 8,000 feet in size and includes a conference room as well as an antique shop, retail space, design studios and wine caves and cellars.

The venue is located in downtown Woodbury’s heart and was the first property to be included in The Historic District. The venue is centrally located, beautiful and historic. It is a 20-acre parcel that includes rolling hills and granite cliffs over 100 feet high. The stream runs through the property to a two-acre pond, which is home to an abundance of wildlife. Additional activities include a horse riding paddock and croquet, as well as lawn games and a fire pit.

Woodbury Farms is a rustic venue for weddings in Connecticut. It has been featured in television, films, and print. If you are looking for a bigger wedding, the indoor area can hold up to 50 people. The outdoor space can hold up to 350 people.

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