The Ultimate Guide to “Wedding Gift Bags”

A Wedding Gift Bags can be a thoughtful way to say thank you for your guests, groomsmen and bridesmaids. You can make your gift last even longer by putting it in a beautiful gift bag that highlights your event. You might need some help deciding what gift bag to get for your wedding. There’s something for everyone, from cute bags for your wedding favors to personalized totes for your maids.

Wedding Gift Bags for the bridesmaids

This pretty tote bag made of cotton from Andrea Fay’s is a great gift idea to give your bridesmaids as a thank you gift. This sweet gift bag is super cute and can be personalized with the bridesmaids’ names – it will make a great wedding keepsake!

This dotcomgiftshop giftbag features a pretty floral print that would make a great gift for your maids. These bags are great for vintage-style days or bridesmaid dresses.

We love a little sparkle at wedding. These Kelly Connor Designs bridesmaid gift bags are a beautiful and glamorous keepsake for your best friends. Your bridesmaids won’t be disappointed with whatever gift you choose to include in the bag.

These pretty bags are great for bridesmaids of any age. You can personalize the words to include the name of your lucky flower girl or bridesmaid. There’s even a mother-of-the bride version.

These pink and white stripe gift bags by The Wedding of My Dreams are a favorite of pink-loving maids. You can attach luggage tags or alphabet stickers to personalize your wedding gift bags for a chic touch.

Bags for the Favours

These bags are perfect for guests who are attending a glamorous wedding. These bags are perfect for small favors, such as chocolates and small gifts.

These cotton pouches by Wedding in a Teacup are adorable! Wedding in a Teacup’s ‘bags for love’ motif is a romantic idea for your wedding guests. These small gift bags are perfect for a sweetie bar at your wedding reception. Your guests can then fill them with delicious treats.

Sometimes it’s all about the little things. These cotton favour bags, which say “Thank You” and are made by The Wedding of My Dreams, look great on your reception tables. They can be placed on top of pretty wedding catering napkins. This is a great way to thank your guests without saying a word.

If you have many guests, these paper wedding gift bags by The Wedding of My Dreams will be a great option. They are small and thoughtful. The print is appealing to all ages.

These canvas tote bags by Wedding in a Teacup are a great way to show your appreciation for your guests and to spend a little more. These bags are large enough to hold your wedding favors or gifts. Or, you can simply give them to your guests as actual favours.

Hitched loves a little chevron print so we are obsessed with these kraft goody bags by Wedding in a Teacup. These favor gift bags are beautiful on their own, or you can personalize them with stickers or a stamp.




Younger Guests

This adorable gift bag for Peter rabbits from Paperchase would be a hit with younger wedding guests. It can be used to give gifts to your flower girls or page boy to show them that you appreciate their efforts.

These personalized party gift bags by Tattybogle will delight your little guests! These printed bags are perfect for gifting children cake or wedding favors. We love the campervan and daisy prints.

The Wedding of My Dreams gift bags are striped and can be filled with toys or games for little ones to entertain them at the reception. These eye-catching stripes could be incorporated into a summer celebration.

These fairtrade cotton pouches will make your young guests feel special. These gift bags are personalized with a sweet message and will be cherished by the children for a lasting memory of your special day. You could also use the pouches to give favors by including goodies or games from Wedding in a Teacup.

A small gift is a nice way to show your appreciation for the support you received in planning your wedding dance. This gold gift bag from Kelly Connor Designs is a great present, but you can always add a bottle wine to increase your points.

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These personalized wedding favor bags by Weasel & Stoat make great gifts for aunties and mums. The bag’s handwritten font is elegant and the floral print adds a touch of elegance. For an even more personal touch, customize the bag with your name and wedding date.

These’mother-of-the bride’ and mother-of the groom’ tote bags are a colorful variation of the Kelly Connor Designs gold versions. These bags will be a great way for pastel colours to shine through if you have a color scheme. You could even coordinate the bag’s colour with your outfits if you are super organized!

You might also like this “to have and to hold” tote bag. This bag is suitable for all family members, and the font is beautiful. This bag is perfect for holding a bottle of bubbly as a thank you gift.

These white Yatris Home & Gift bags will add a personal touch to your wedding gift bag. They are neutral in colour so they can be used by everyone. You can also personalize the initials.

These hand-stamped gift bags by Rastall and Daughters will encourage your family members to have fun at your wedding. The cotton muslin bags are available in three packs and make a lovely gift for your family members. The bags are very plain so you can surprise your family with a unique wedding favor, such as a puzzle piece and a fortune cookie.

Wedding Gift Bags for the Usher and Groomsmen

It can be nerve-wracking to deliver a memorable best man speech. Kelly Connor Designs’ bottle bag is a great way to thank them for their hard work. You can also keep the wine if they make a bad speech (just kidding). ).

These hessian drawstring bags make a thoughtful gift that is easy to use and understand. If you have rustic decor, the material will fit in perfectly. You could even put a small amount of their favorite drink inside. The bags are available in plain form, but you can personalize them using the luggage tags or stamps from The Wedding of My Dreams.

These brown paper gift bags are a great option for those with tight budgets. These gift bags are ideal for a laid-back wedding that isn’t focused on one particular colour scheme. A stylish touch is added by the red ribbon and thank-you message.

We know that destination wedding planning can be expensive. So we thought we would share some awesome wedding favors for PS1 and less.

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