Here are three reasons to consider a vow renewal

It’s not just about having a huge party, although that’s a plus. Vow renewals allow you to honor the person you are and how you feel at this time in your relationship. Some couples renew their vows to symbolize overcoming major challenges, such as marital separation or life-threatening illnesses. However, you don’t need to have experienced trauma to be able to recommit your spouse. Reverend Laura Cannon, founder of Ceremony Officiants and a veteran officiant who has performed over 1,000 wedding ceremonies, as well as a few vow renewals, says that there is no reason not to renew your vows. Here are three reasons to renew your vows.

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Include your children.

Planning a vow renewal with your children is a wonderful way to honor the bond you have made. Your wedding was about you and your partner starting your lives together. Cannon encourages couples to involve their children in the renewal by having them participate in a sand ceremony. Parents can also give gifts to the children during the ceremony. He also encourages the couple to write vows that they can share with younger generations. Holly Patton Olsen, event planner at Perfectly Posh Events, assigns older children to be the best man and maid of honour, while younger ones serve as ring bearers or flower girls. She also plans special readings and takes a first-look portrait with parents and kids.

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Be more intentional in your relationships

It doesn’t matter if you have been married for five or twenty years, it’s never too early (or late) to renew your vows. A personal ceremony is more memorable than a written text. Cannon says that if a couple considers renewing their vows, it is because they want the ceremony and vows to reflect their deepening relationship. Cannon works with many couples who renew their vows to be more thoughtful about what they promise. A professional officiant can help couples clarify their intentions and communicate with one another to create something meaningful and powerful. This is a far better option than printing a generic renewal script from the internet.

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You’re older (or wealthier).

There are many factors that could have prevented you from getting the wedding you envisioned. These include family drama, poor weather, and a dream venue that wasn’t within your budget. You can have the wedding you always wanted by putting together a do over. Olsen says that this might be a way for young couples to celebrate their wedding. You may be able to celebrate with a larger group if you have eloped, or had a smaller wedding at the courthouse. Or you might just want to get some outdoor photos.

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