Do I need a wedding planner?

Do I need a wedding planner?

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days in your life. It’s an unforgettable, once-in a lifetime event. Hiring a professional wedding planner will make wedding planning much easier.

Your wedding planner will use all of his or her skills to help you. You can think of them as the wedding producer. They will use communication, planning, negotiation skills, problem-solving and much more to help you launch the most important day of your life. Do you need a wedding planner? These are the areas where they can most assist you, your family and your groom.

Wedding Budget Meetings

From the moment you say “yes”, to the moment you say “I do”, many expenses will be part of your wedding budget. While we naturally consider the wedding dress and reception the main expenses, there are many other costs involved in planning and paying. Your wedding planner will help you plan your expenses and organize your budget. They can also anticipate all aspects. You can keep track of actual and estimated costs while you are planning your wedding so that you both remain on top of it all.

Creative Thinking

You should have creative ideas and solutions from your wedding planner to reduce costs or to deal with a tricky situation. Your planner should think outside of the box, especially if you face new challenges.

Researching Products and Services

A wedding planner has more knowledge about local venues, printers, and other vendors. They can also quickly and easily research your options. A wedding planner can save you valuable time and money by making recommendations about many aspects of your wedding.

Pricing Agreements

Your wedding planner might have more power to negotiate pricing on items like your venue, invitations, and even alterations for the dress. As a second opinion, your agreements can be reviewed by your planner to ensure you stay within your budget. An expert wedding planner is worth the investment.

Contact Point

No matter how far away the date or the details of your wedding, a good wedding planner will keep in touch. You will always be in touch with your planner, whether you are a wedding coordinator or not. He or she will contact you via phone, text, or email to keep you informed about any important developments or issues. He or she may also offer suggestions for solutions. Ask the wedding planners that you are interviewing about real-life examples of problems that have arisen and how they dealt with them.

Work for your benefit

A wedding planner is able to represent you in negotiations, which can be a valuable service. A wedding planner can help you make decisions, negotiate with suppliers and compare prices to make sure they are within your budget.

7 Hot Summer Wedding Ideas and Trends

Summer is the perfect season to get married. These seven trends are making summer the best season for wedding planning.

Embrace bold, confident colors

This summer, forget soft pastels and muted neutrals. Instead, be inspired by Mother Nature’s wide range of colors. Summer weddings will feature vibrant colors such as fiery fuchsia and juicy orange, and will create striking and memorable scenes.

Don’t limit yourself to cakes!

Donuts are the hottest trend for 2017 in wedding desserts. Tiered cake platters with donuts decorated in beautiful designs can be created. You can also set up a donut shop where guests can choose from a variety of toppings and grab a basic donut. Send your guests home with six donut packs to help them enjoy the morning after the ceremony. Donuts are all the rage this summer, so why not make them part of your wedding?

Make sure you have a backup plan in case of no-shows

Mother Nature might be in full flower during summer but she will still throw some surprises at you. Unexpected obstacles and extreme weather can happen at any moment. WedSafe wedding insurance will help you protect your investment. Smart brides, grooms, and their families can have peace of mind with WedSafe’s wedding insurance.

Things are improving with sky-high florals

Don’t be tied to your table with traditional centerpieces. Instead, take a look at the sky. Suspended floral arrangements bring glamour to any venue. Hanging floral arrangements are not an option. Instead, add greenery, flowers, and garland to the rafters or walls to create a similar effect.

A custom menu lets you tell a story

It’s more than just a way for guests to enjoy the food. Food can also tell a couple’s story and make a wedding unique. Some couples choose to serve cultural food, while others prefer to eat a meal that evokes a special moment such as their first date.

Choose the summer sounds

Summer wedding music selections can be laid back and inspiring. You could hire a steel drummer for the cocktail hour and then a big band to encourage guests to dance the night away. You’ll make your guests special summer memories by mixing in some beachy favorites.

Discover hidden sources of inspiration

You can find inspiration from other couples to help you create the perfect wedding. You can find great ideas and helpful advice online that will help you make your day perfect.

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