Tips for Booking the Perfect Bridal Appointment

Get started on your journey towards bridal bliss here.

Congratulations! Your wedding journey has officially started! For your convenience, we’ve gathered some helpful advice on how to book your first bridal appointment.


  • It is possible to experience a range of emotions at once. These might include anxiety, fear, scared and joy – just to name a few!
  • Good bridal shops will understand and share your emotions, with happiness being the ultimate goal.
  • Our goal is to guarantee you find “The Dress”.

Tip #1: Select Your Tribe

Selecting your bridal buying tribe carefully is essential for successful decision-making. With 13 years of experience in the wedding industry, we offer these tips:

  • At least two family members should be included in your circle of trust. They are the individuals who know you best and can be counted on to tell the truth when asked questions.
  • Bring at least one friend (preferably a maid-of-honor). Your companion can offer support and assist in searching for all your desired items.

Tip #2 Purchase Locally for Images

Our brides often live nearby our boutique. With only a short drive away, many of our dresses are perfect for brides who have traveled more than 100 miles to find them!

At our bridal boutique, we welcome all guests; however, it is an added bonus if they have your dream dress or accessories in stock. Shopping local for your dream bridal shop offers many advantages:

  • Reaching a large group of people with multiple tribes is easier if you have many contacts.
  • We are here to assist you.
  • Altering your dress doesn’t need to cost much and collecting it is simple too!

Tip#3 Plan ahead for any unexpected expenses when purchasing apparel

Before you begin shopping for bridal accessories, it is wise to set a budget (the total cost of your entire wedding day) as an initial guideline.

Once you have set a budget for your special day, it is time to allocate it among various components (i.e., wedding dress, bridesmaids gowns, flowers and photography).

Be mindful of your budget and inform your consultant how much you are willing to pay.

Stay Encouraged

My expertise lies solely in how we do things. For instance, if your budget for a wedding gown was limited to PS1,200, we would only show you dresses within this price point.

Sometimes, if your dream dress is not available within the budget range below PS1,200, we may ask if other dresses (e.g., PS1,400-PS1,500) might be possible to try.

For instance, we wouldn’t suggest taking our most expensive dress off the rack to display in front of you as it would completely blow your budget.

Tip#4: If you don’t enjoy the atmosphere, leave immediately.

At this stage, you have already conducted several searches on Google for local bridal shops.

Now is the perfect time for you to book appointments at various stores and try on some dresses! As they say, first impressions count! That is Me Bridal will surely greet you warmly with a big smile!

If you aren’t feeling the excitement of your wedding day upon arrival, don’t waste any time! Not only will this save you time, but also that of the bridal consultants.

At Our boutique, it’s all about creating excitement for your wedding day! You won’t just be another bride – you become part of the This Is Me Bridal team!

Our mission is to make you feel at home and welcome wherever we go. Our objective is to build trust and foster relationships. We’re here to assist with the most significant aspect of your wedding day: planning.

Tip #5 Put Your Trust In Your Bridal Consultant

  • Trusting your bridal consultant is essential for planning the perfect wedding!
  • Chances are, this is your first time visiting a bridal boutique.
  • Once inside, your gaze will be drawn to every dress available. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of choices.
  • Listen to your bridal shop consultant when they say that every body type and shape is beautiful. At our boutique, we believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful on the inside and outside.

Bridal Knowledge & Expertise

Once a bridal consultant meets you, they’ll know exactly which dress will look stunning on you.

Finding fifteen to twenty different dresses that you like can be overwhelming. That’s where bridal consultants come into play – their expertise and taste make this task much simpler for you.

Your consultant can help narrow the selection down and then recommend which dresses to try first.

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