Instant Cameras for Wedding Ceremony


Although it might seem expensive, having several instant cameras strategically placed around the reception is a great way for your guests to interact and to view the wedding from their point of view after the fact. Even if you only have one or two cameras you will likely have some snap-happy guests that will be happy to take photos of the event. Remember, more cameras equals more fun. It will also prevent others from taking over all the fun.

This is something that you would love to include in your wedding. We recommend an entry-level model like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 The Instax Mini camera is affordable and offers a lot of fun.


Photo booths were popular back when cameras were heavy and bulky. They were great for getting a few photos of you and your loved one at the carnival or before a movie. Set up an instant booth to inspire your guests and bring back a little bit of nostalgia. Even the most timid guests will love to take part. You won’t be able to resist taking a photo with fun props.

It is a good idea to shop around for props that match the theme of your wedding, or that are more in line with your interests as a couple. You can also make your own photo props if you are super creative. You don’t have to choose premade items, as you are busy planning your wedding.

Encourage your guests to present their handiwork…

Your guest photos shouldn’t pile up at the center of the table. You should instead give guests a place to display their work for party-goers. You can include blu tack on the wall, a cork board with pins or string with pegs.

You can also allow your guests to compile their work. This is a more intimate way to go. A simple brag book-styled photo album can be placed at each table. This will allow guests to organize their photos into various groups and families. An Instax guestbook will allow them to share their heartfelt messages with you and encourage them to do the same.


You can use your instant photography to highlight your wedding at different points during the ceremony, such as table toppers, save-the-date cards and invitations. This will give your guests a sense of the proceedings and encourage them get involved

A thank you card that includes a photo of each guest is a great way to express your gratitude after the event. To ensure you have at most one photo of each guest, couple or group, make sure to ask for help. Everyone loves to be included.


You can save your guests feeling bored or uninspired by the task of taking photos. Instead, give each table a list with a few images you want them to take before the evening ends. Some partygoers may be more willing to take photos than others, but some might be less enthusiastic. All your guests will want to be part of the next point because of the social aspect you add to it.

A checklist for wedding photography may include:

  • Take a picture of a guest to your wedding that you have not met beforeTake a photo of a friend who is mutually supportive
  • Create a self-portrait
  • Take a portrait of the happy couple

You’ll likely end up with hundreds more images from different angles. These will be your memories that you can reminisce about until the end.

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