Hunting Island: Enchanting Coastal Wedding Inspiration

For those who are born on or live on islands, the sea holds a certain amount of mystery and enchantment. Today’s Hunting Island editorial serves as a sweet reminder of this. It also features a playful simplicity that reflects the use of natural materials such as driftwood, shells, and stones as well as weathered textures like the dreamy fabric backdrop and Darling Devotion calligraphy menus. Josh Deaton Photography captured these beautiful details beautifully in Love & Honey Weddings.

Hunting Island Beach

Hunting Island State Park was named one of America’s Top Ten Beaches in TripAdvisor’s list. It is located 16 miles east from Anchorage 1770. It is South Carolina’s most visited state park.

Three miles of safe, clean beach are available along the Atlantic Ocean. There are picnic tables and campsites that offer an ocean view. A historic lighthouse was built in 1873 and is open to the public. It offers a bird’s-eye view of the island and its coastal waters.

The Hunting Island State Park covers more than just the beautiful beaches. You may be able to see the island’s wildlife and birds by following the trails that wind through the subtropical forest, which is made up of pine, palmettos and oak.

Traditional Lowcountry pier is the ideal place for Fishing and Crabbing. It’s also the best spot to see dolphins doing their own “fishing” — and it’s also the perfect place to view thousands of crawling crabs. The large lagoon makes it the ideal place to launch kayaks. Additionally, the Nature Center and Visitors Center offer a wealth information about the coast ecology.

Macy + Jeremy

Friday night’s lighting was amazing. Macy and Jeremy had the most perfect day at Hunting Island State Park Beach for their engagement session. Macy and Jeremy are among our 2020 couples. They will be getting married at Chande Pines Plantation, just outside of Savannah, in May. Macy knew where she wanted it to be when we first spoke about their engagement session. Jeremy and Macy take their dog Reed to Hunting Island Beach quite a lot during the summer. You can take your dog to the beach at any time of day. It is also one of the few beaches that are within easy driving distance. Randy and I hadn’t been before so we were excited to see trees at the beach that looked like Jekyll Island. This location is very special to us and we cannot wait to return there, even though it is quite a long drive. They met in middle school and were the most sweet couple. Both had a crush on one another, but they began dating when they were 16. We are so excited to be part of this high school sweethearts’ wedding!

south carolina wedding+elopement photographer

My family goes to Fripp Island Resort, South Carolina every summer for a week-long vacation. When I learned that we would be there for two weeks in 2018, I knew I had to squeeze in as many sessions and photos as possible! Although I had three big shoots in mind, the weather made things a bit crazy and I ended shooting five.

My idea for the session was to have a traditional beach elopement, on Hunting Island near Beaufort. I also planned for it in the evening. The original couple I was planning to shoot the session couldn’t make it due to work. A friend referred me to Hannah, a Bluffton lifestyle blogger who was happy to take over with her husband Chi. As we were about to begin shooting, an hour had passed. I was looking for locations and saw huge, dark clouds. Kelsey, the wedding coordinator+stylist who was responsible for the palette table, florals and Hannah and Chi, reached out to me. We decided to shoot the palette tables that night in between downpours and scheduled Hannah and Chi for later that day. Kelsey is a boss and brought along a team of her favourite women. They set up an amazing table in minutes. We managed to get some beautiful photos of Kelsey’s amazing couples, even shooting in the rain. Kelsey presented Hannah with the beautiful bouquet she had made, which I took home and kept in the fridge until the next day, when we could all meet.

Although I originally intended for my session with Hannah, Chi, to take place in the evenings, I ended up shooting in full sun in the middle. I was stressed! Full sun is one thing. But full sun on the beaches is another. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Hannah and Chi were so sweet and fun. Their relaxed demeanours helped me stay focused and calm. Their photos were a joy to capture and my face was aching from the sheer joy of seeing them together. I was so grateful for the session, and when I saw the photos, it made me feel really proud of my ability to plan the session and not give up on the weather.

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