Gorjana Jewelry: Pros and Cons

Gorjana jewelry is a well-known brand that advertises itself as affordable and high quality. Is this true? And is Gorjana jewelry worth the money? Although everyone will have their own preferences, we will discuss the pros and cons of Gorjana jewelry.

Gorjana Jewelry

Gorjana and Jason Reidel started Gorjana Jewelry as a family jewel business. It is located in Laguna Beach, California. Gorjana Jewelry is a women-oriented jewelry company that was inspired by Southern California’s natural beauty.

The majority of Gorjana’s jewelry designs are casual jewish jewelry yet sophisticated, but the best way to describe them all is layering. Although layering has been a popular stylistic choice for some time, Gorjana elevates it by giving you unlimited options to layer your jewelry.

Gorjana’s jewelry does not contain 100% solid gold. Instead, the emphasis is on gold-plated metals. Their prices are more affordable because of this. The plating is done well and the final result looks just like solid gold. Let’s get to the point.

Different types of Gorjana jewelry

  • Gorjana Rings

Gorjana’s ring collection includes both metal-only and precious stone based rings. While many of Gorjana’s ring designs can be easily recognized, others are more unique. Many ring designs have an elegant, yet stylish look. For those who wish to add engravings, bespoke rings are also available.

Gorjana rings can be worn every day because of their affordable prices. They are easy to repair as they are gold-plated.

Gorjana’s rings do not advertise as engagement rings. This jeweler does not have an additional line of engagement rings. Gorjana has beautiful diamond rings that could be used as engagement rings.

  • Gorjana Necklaces

Gorjana’s necklaces seamlessly cross the line between vintage and contemporary styles as do most yellow and rose-gold jewelry. Some look fashion jewelry more expensive than others, while others look more casual and delicate.

Gorjana’s catalog of necklaces includes chain links, layering set, gem necklaces, as well as astrology coin necklaces.

  • Gorjana Bracelets

The brand offers a variety of bracelet styles, but most are link bracelets with some solid bracelets. You can also find pearl and gemstone bracelets among the many gold chainlink models, if that’s what your looking for.

Because bracelets can be easily damaged and knocked, we prefer gold-plated bracelets to other types of gold-plated jewelry. Gorjana’s high-quality gold platings are very durable.

  • Gorjana Earrings

Gorjana’s earrings, which are designed for everyday wear and comfort, are our favourite part of their collection. Most of the earring styles are lightweight and can be worn throughout the day. Earrings made of gold-plated metal are ideal for use as they are often out of harm’s reach.

Gorjana’s earring selection includes a variety of styles, from classic hoops and studs to climbers and huggies.

Pros and Ccons of Gorjana jewellery

Gorjana is not an exception. Every moissanite jewelry brand has its lows and highs. Gorjana, a multi-million-dollar jewelry company, isn’t for everyone. These are the top pros and cons to this brand that you should keep in mind.


  • Affordable prices in the middle of the range
  • No shipping charges to the US
  • Returns are free
  • Jewelry repairs
  • Durable, good-looking gold platings are better than other gold-plated jewelry brands that are cheaper
  • For replacing or repairing jewelry that has been damaged, a good warranty policy is available


  • As many people consider gold plated jewelry less expensive than solid gold jewelry, it is not for everyone.
  • Some Gorjana ring designs are suitable for use as engagement rings. However, the brand does not have an exclusive collection of engagement rings.
  • Gorjana gold, and gemstones, don’t appear to be ethically sourced like other brands’ jewelry such as Monica Vinader
  • Even though some jewelry pieces are listed as everyday-useable, some are too delicate to be worn every day.
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