Four Pre-Wedding Tips

To Help Your Groom Get Happily Down the Wedding Aisle Many brides panic before their big day. Grooms also freak out.

It is normal to feel a little tired before the big day. Freaking out could mean taking a break for a weekend to reflect or go on your own.

You can ponder, escape for a day with friends or yourself, take a 2 a.m. driving to “clear one’s head” or simply have a moment where you are jumpy, irritable or quiet.

Snappy or weepy

The wedding day freakout experience is a natural reaction to the reality of what a wedding is all about. It is a major life transition. During

It is a good idea to have difficult conversations during an engagement and to consider the implications of making a major life decision. Weddings bring up lots of stuff, and it is important to ask hard questions.

Engaged couple should be able to look at each other and not turn away from one another. Let’s help your guy!

These are four pre-Wedding tips to help you (and your guy) get on the right track. You can walk down the aisle gracefully and effortlessly.

1) Don’t make freaking out before a wedding a big deal. Instead of seeing a freaking out experience as something negative, see it as a positive. Feelings are a part of an Engagements are meant to be discussed and acknowledged. Face any discomforts that might be bubbling up and don’t push them aside.

Your Sweetheart should be invited to have a conversation with you. Let him know that it is okay to feel funny, uncomfortable, blue, or uncertain during big life changes.

2) Get together and create a big dream map: This may seem trite. Talking is not the best option if your guy seems distant or out of sorts.

A night where you and your partner sit down together with a stack of magazines to create a “vision board” or dream map for your future. This “to do” activity involves lots of.

This is a great job for guys who enjoy cutting and pasting while still talking. You might also find it easy to spark conversation with this arts and crafts task.

Sensitive or difficult topics/issues.

3) Offer a Get-Away for Your Guy: Sometimes guys just want to be around guys. Your guy might seem overwhelmed by wedding details.

Spend a weekend with friends and do “guy stuff”. A guy friend can help an almost-married guy to keep things in perspective. Guys talk is a great way to have fun with other guys.

Different than the guy/gal talk

4) Do Pre-Marriage work: Take time during your engagement for deepening your relationship, so that you both can walk into the future together.

Your wedding day should be filled with confidence, great appreciation and mutual respect.

Pre-marriage counseling or coaching – as a couple, or in a small group – can be a great way to strengthen your relationship and bond.

Intimacy and communication. According to some estimates, less than 10% of couples do pre-marriage work. Protect your relationship by being bold, innovative and courageous

Skills and tools for creating a happy marriage and partnership!

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