Boho Wedding Table Decor: Creating a Dreamy Bohemian Vibe

Bohemian (boho) weddings have become a popular trend, known for their relaxed, free-spirited, and earthy vibes. The allure of boho wedding table decor lies in its eclectic mix of natural elements, vintage pieces, and whimsical touches. If you’re planning a boho-themed wedding, your table decor is a crucial element that sets the tone for the entire celebration. In this article, we’ll explore the essentials of boho wedding table decor, providing you with creative ideas and tips to create an unforgettable bohemian ambiance for your special day.

What is Boho Wedding Table Decor?

Boho wedding table decor embraces a mix-and-match approach, combining various textures, patterns, and colors to create a harmonious yet unconventional look. Think of it as a beautiful blend of rustic, vintage, and artistic elements, often inspired by nature. From macramé table runners to mismatched vintage plates, the possibilities are endless. But how do you bring this dreamy vision to life? Let’s dive into the key components and styling tips.

Key Elements of Boho Wedding Table Decor

1. Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials is a hallmark of boho decor. Items like wood, rattan, jute, and linen add a rustic charm and warmth to your tablescape. Consider using wooden chargers, woven placemats, and linen napkins to set the stage.

2. Earthy and Muted Tones

Boho decor often features a palette of earthy and muted tones. Colors like terracotta, sage green, mustard yellow, and soft pastels are perfect for creating a laid-back yet sophisticated look. These tones work beautifully with natural materials and floral arrangements.

3. Vintage and Handmade Pieces

Integrating vintage and handmade items adds character and a sense of history to your decor. Scour flea markets and thrift stores for unique finds like antique vases, vintage glassware, and handmade ceramics. These pieces add a personal touch and tell a story.

4. Macramé and Textiles

Macramé is synonymous with boho style. Incorporate macramé table runners, placemats, or even hanging planters to add texture and a bohemian flair. Additionally, use textiles like embroidered tablecloths, patterned napkins, and layered rugs to enhance the visual interest.

5. Eclectic Tableware

Mismatched tableware is a signature element of boho wedding table decor. Mix and match different patterns, colors, and styles of plates, glasses, and cutlery. This eclectic approach creates a charming and unpretentious vibe.

6. Greenery and Floral Arrangements

Lush greenery and wildflower arrangements are essential for a boho tablescape. Opt for loose, unstructured bouquets with a mix of flowers, foliage, and dried elements. Consider using pampas grass, eucalyptus, and wildflowers to achieve that effortlessly beautiful look.

7. Candlelight and Fairy Lights

Soft lighting adds a magical touch to boho wedding decor. Use candles in varying heights, lanterns, and fairy lights to create a warm and inviting ambiance. The flickering glow will enhance the romantic atmosphere and highlight the intricate details of your table settings.

Styling Tips for Boho Wedding Table Decor

Layering is Key

Layering different elements is crucial for achieving a rich and dynamic boho look. Start with a base layer like a tablecloth or runner, then add chargers, plates, napkins, and glassware. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and patterns; this adds depth and visual interest.

Keep It Casual

One of the charms of boho decor is its relaxed and unpretentious nature. Avoid overly formal settings and embrace a more casual arrangement. Allow elements to be slightly imperfect and organically placed.

Focus on Details

Small details can make a big impact. Consider adding personalized place cards, unique napkin rings, or small trinkets as part of the table setting. These thoughtful touches make your guests feel special and enhance the overall aesthetic.

Use Different Heights

Incorporate elements of varying heights to create a visually appealing tablescape. Use tall candlesticks, low flower arrangements, and medium-height vases to add dimension. This variation prevents the decor from looking flat and monotonous.

Incorporate Personal Items

Include items that have personal significance or reflect your personality as a couple. This could be anything from family heirlooms to travel souvenirs. These personal touches make your wedding decor uniquely yours.


What are some budget-friendly ideas for boho wedding table decor?

  • DIY Macramé: Create your own macramé table runners or plant hangers using inexpensive materials.
  • Thrift Shopping: Look for vintage tableware and decor at thrift stores or flea markets.
  • Natural Elements: Use collected stones, shells, or branches as part of your table decor.
  • Simple Greenery: Opt for affordable greenery like eucalyptus or ferns instead of expensive floral arrangements.

Can boho wedding table decor be used for indoor and outdoor weddings?

Absolutely! Boho wedding table decor is versatile and works beautifully in both indoor and outdoor settings. For outdoor weddings, you can take advantage of the natural surroundings and incorporate more rustic elements. For indoor weddings, focus on creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere with candles and textiles.

How can I incorporate boho elements without it looking too busy?

Balance is key when it comes to boho decor. While it’s all about layering and mixing, ensure there’s a cohesive color palette to tie everything together. Use neutral tones as a base and add pops of color through accessories and flowers. Also, choose a few statement pieces rather than overcrowding the table with too many elements.

What type of flowers work best for boho wedding table decor?

Wildflowers, succulents, pampas grass, and dried flowers are perfect for a boho wedding. These types of flowers have a natural and effortless look that complements the boho aesthetic. Additionally, mixing fresh and dried flowers can add texture and interest to your arrangements.

How can I make my boho wedding table decor eco-friendly?

  • Sustainable Materials: Use recycled or biodegradable materials for your decor.
  • Rent Instead of Buy: Consider renting tableware and decor items to reduce waste.
  • Eco-Friendly Flowers: Choose locally-sourced and seasonal flowers, or opt for potted plants that guests can take home.
  • Reusable Items: Use items that can be repurposed or reused after the wedding, like cloth napkins and table runners.


Boho wedding table decor is all about embracing a relaxed, eclectic, and natural style. By incorporating elements like natural materials, earthy tones, vintage pieces, and lush greenery, you can create a beautiful and inviting tablescape that reflects the free-spirited essence of a bohemian wedding. Remember to focus on layering, keep it casual, and add personal touches to make your decor truly unique. Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor celebration, these tips and ideas will help you achieve the perfect boho look for your special day.

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By following these guidelines and incorporating these elements, your boho wedding table decor will undoubtedly impress your guests and create a memorable atmosphere for your celebration.

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